Ten tips to attract followers to your company’s LinkedIn page

How to increase followers on your company’s LinkedIn page? Here we will show you ten essential tips you can apply to achieve more.

Ten tips

to attract followers to your company’s LinkedIn page

August 18, 2020

How to increase followers on your company’s LinkedIn page? Here we will show you ten essential tips you can apply to achieve more reach and visibility in your marketing strategy. Not without first clarifying some questions you may have about one of the fastest-growing social networks in recent years.

LinkedIn has over 575 million users, with 260 million active users.

This professional social network offers the possibility to make a great first impression, so it has several resources to optimize the quality of the page and increase business opportunities. The first thing is setting a good profile that includes these essential elements:

LinkedIn tiene más de 575 millones de usuarios, con más de 260 millones de usuarios activos.

After completing the profile, we can start taking our page to the next level to gain followers and expand the network of contacts.


  1. Share Value content and keywords: It is not enough to have a good profile, this must-have visibility. It is essential to examine the most relevant keywords by which you want your company to be found to position it in the search results.

  2. Post content regularly: Spend a few minutes each day reading updates, approving, commenting, and sharing, when users notice your interaction, they’ll start listening to what your company has to say.

  3. Share videos and visual content: Make sure to include a variety of images and videos related to topics of interest, depending on the nature of your business, that help to attract attention, do not hesitate to publish photos and videos of the latest events of your company.

  4. Respond to each comment: These contributions help increase visibility, and members will be more willing to follow a page that interacts with users.

  5. Share job offers on your page: It’s clear that LinkedIn is very popular for the job search; in fact, it’s the largest professional social network on the market so that you can open yourself up to new audiences.

  6. Take advantage of groups: This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships and contacts, the platform allows you to join up to 50 groups, so it is essential to be etrátegico and choose the ones that bring more significant benefits to your business. Also, groups help increase your leadership.

  7. Analyze metrics: LinkedIn has tools that allow page administrators to get data on followers, visits, interaction, growth, and reach, making it possible to do a very comprehensive analysis.

  8. Employees, the best partners: Your company’s team can be your brand’s best ambassador, with simple steps like including the link to the page in their profiles, or motivating them to interact and recommend.

  9. Include three to five relevant hashtags in your posts: Joining topics of interest through hashtags is a useful strategy to reach new communities by clicking on the hashtags panel to enter a profile and react.

  10.  Launch an advertising campaign: Growing the LinkedIn page is a common goal for brands. A great option is to run a Dynamic Ads campaign using the ad format to gain followers.

Extra Tip:

Spread your LinkedIn page on other Platforms: For example, on your website, blogs, emails, brochures.

Demonstrating your presence and leadership in this social network can increase your network of connections. Are you ready to take your LinkedIn page to the next level?


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