Creativity and innovation as fundamental pillars in organizations

Creativity and innovation are fundamental pillars that must be constant to persuade customers, replace obsolete products, and expand demand.

Creativity and innovation as fundamental pillars in organizations

June 2, 2020

Creativity and innovation are fundamental pillars that must be constant to persuade customers, replace obsolete products, and expand demand. 

We live in a world of constant change. The success of a company is based on the capacity of innovation, which allows us to adapt to these changes and stand out from any competition.

Innovation and creativity are considered synonyms, but when it comes to exercising them, they are not that close. Creativity is a skill that everyone has, although some develop this more than others, this allows us to create new ideas.

Innovation, in contrast, is processed creativity that, after being worked, it is turned into successful actions. To achieve innovation is necessary to have creative people, specific objectives, strategies, and resources in the implementation of innovation.

“A good idea badly executed is a bad idea.”

In the market, we have different products and services, as well as many organizations that offer them. We must maintain constant innovation to persuade customers, replace obsolete products, and expand demand. When we use creativity and innovation, it manifests itself in the culture of the organization, physical facilities, the way they provide solutions, everything is transformed into unique experiences.

Some specific ideas to activate creativity:

-Create classifications on some subject: Sit down with a group of people to remember, discuss, and ponder. In this way, we are forcing the brain to consolidate, value, and prioritize things. 

-View a magazine, a book, or an encyclopedia: Review other people’s creations to serve as a reference, learn and understand new concepts, acquire further information that the brain will record, and then can use to create new ideas, solutions, and answers.

-Listening to different music: Sound is one of the primary activators of creativity, and knowing new genres and artists expose us to new things.

-Visit the museum or an art gallery: These scenarios show the creative processes and results of outstanding people, which serves as a reference for brilliant and unique ideas to emerge.

-Go outside and talk to strangers: Visiting places that we do not frequent often, take us out of our comfort zones, and exposes us to different people, objects, and events, which forces us to connect with them to create new ideas.

-Environment workplaces: Prepare our spaces, eliminate all distractions and focus attention, helps us to develop creative processes.

-Watch documentaries: Knowing other productions helps us to organize the order of ideas. It shows us how simple, valuable, and how we can put together all kinds of information.

To innovate, we must keep in mind that it is essential to do, we need a will and some creativity.

There are five types of innovation.

1. Open innovation 

Encouraging the acquisition of new ideas outside the organization, without being closed to interior ideas, they assume that it is necessary to know the outside to advance.

2. Disruptive innovation

It consists of transforming an existing sector from the market, introducing simplicity, comfort, accessibility, and affordability. This type of innovation is what achieves a product, service, or idea that redefines the industry.

3. Reverse innovation

It is marked by providing solutions that were already carried out for the first time in emerging nations, and that later found a market in developing countries.

4. Incremental innovation

Make small and progressive changes in products or services so as not to affect the market.

5. Radical innovation

Develop new ideas from scratch, without relying on existing products or services. 

After knowing the importance and the main aspects of creativity and innovation, it is necessary to apply them to achieve our maximum potential and achieve success through the development of new ideas, forcing us to move into the unknown without fear of failure steadily.


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