5 Tips to attract the Latino audience to your Brand

5 Tips to Attract the Latino audience to Your Brand

September 28, 2020

Several reports between 2018 and 2019 demonstrate the importance of Latinos in contributing to the US economy. Conquering this audience becomes indispensable when offering them a service or product, however much more than achieving growth of sales or followers, it is also essential to create authentic relationships.

According to one of Nielsen’s most recent reports, there are 62.3 million Hispanics who represent 19% of the current population in the United States.

The Hispanic community is quickly adapting to the changes; during the COVID-19, they have adjusted to the use of technological tools that have allowed them to increase the average daily connectivity. Social networks have continued to be their means of sharing their day-to-day lives, just as they use them to debate and dialogue on issues of political and social interest.

And of course, to follow brands with which they feel identified, here are 5 tips that will help you to conquer the Latino market in your next strategy:

The ability and trajectory of Latinos as consumers mix the experience between physical and digital shopping.

¿Estás listo para darle un enfoque más diverso a tú marca?

This is a great time to attract the Latino public to your brand, until October 15, Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated, and what better way to praise their cultural identity than with complimentary messages that make them feel identified and connected with your content.

From CPC Global Group, we are experts in creating for Latinos; we know their tastes, what motivates them, what they identify with, and how they think because we also have that #LatinoPower..

Are you ready to take a more diverse approach to your brand?


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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month – September 2020

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

September 2020


From this September 15th through October 15th, Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated in the United States; this is an opportunity to learn a little more about our culture and discover what unites us as Latinos.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

we are incredibly proud to be Latinos, contribute to the United States, and work every day to help more Latinos create their own story.

As latinos, we want to share stories that inspire. Characters that have taken Hispanic Heritage to another level, and data to support this movement through social media.

This celebration, which was initially Hispanic Heritage Week, began in 1968 but became a 30-day event to make the most of it.

¿Cuál es el impacto que ha tenido la Herencia Hispana en Estados Unidos?

What is the impact of Hispanic Heritage in the United States?

Hispanic Heritage Month recognized a community’s work contributing to America’s history, culture, and achievements. And the truth is that this should be appreciated every day. However, this month is the perfect opportunity to give it more visibility and attract more people who want to discover the wonderful and diverse of our culture, achievements, and customs.

Food, music, literature, art, and audiovisual productions are just some of the significant contributions that Hispanic culture has maintained for decades and have adapted to American society. This surprising diversity has influenced the biggest brands in this country.

For example, it is common to find restaurants that include tacos on their menu, or bars where salsa and reggaeton are played, Latin and Spanish actors in Hollywood movies, and advertising campaigns that use Spanish words. There are film categories and music awards essential to highlight the work exclusively of Latinos. 

In addition to the fact that Latinos are becoming a powerful economic force as an exciting market in the consumption of products and services in the United States, Stanford found that Latino companies contributed about $500 billion to annual sales.

A 2019 Congressional report based on 2017 data found that nearly 60 million Latinos in the United States already represent $2.3 billion in total economic activity, which alone would rank as the eighth largest economy in the world. 

Latino companies in recent years have employed more than 3 million people, according to the State of Latino Entrepreneurship 2019 report of the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative (SLEI).

¿Cómo aprovechar las redes sociales para celebrar el mes de la Herencia Hispana?

How to take advantage of social media to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?


One of the first actions is to share resources on social networks that seem relevant to us about this event and explore accounts highlighting Hispanics’ work in the United States; here are 3 Instagram profiles great in their content:

@thehispanicstar: It is a project that aims to educate both the Hispanic community and the non-Hispanic community about the perception of our culture, using people from the artistic field who are recognized and play the role of ambassadors of the project.

@aintilatina: It is an account that highlights the experiences and raises the voices of Afro-Latina women.

@aigaunidos: It’s a collaboration that creates a space to empower and celebrate the lives, work, and needs of creatives with Hispanic and Latino cultural Heritage. 

Social media can also spread and support Latino entrepreneurship to support small business owners to have a more digital context presence.

What characters have influenced your work to give recognition to the Hispanic Heritage month?


Over time, not only artists but also activists have joined together to provide further recognition to the Hispanic Heritage in the United States, here we leave you one:

Sylvia Mendez

Sylvia Mendez is a civil rights activist, was one of the first Latino women to attend a school, breaking the school segregation model of the time (1945)


Let’s cheers up our Hispanic and Latino Americans as we celebrate heritage rooted in all Latin American countries.

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Learn how CPC Global Group works for the Latino community in the United States.

Now more than ever, let’s celebrate the pride of being Latino!

Let us unite to make known our strength, our culture. We must talk about our successes, our businesses, and how proud we are of the Latino heritage that gives us a Twist that no other culture has.



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How to conquer the Latino market in the United States?

How to conquer the Latino market in the United States?

It is essential to know the importance of the Latino market in the United States and its level of purchase to adapt to their customs.

August 31, 2020

If we want to conquer the Latino market in the United States, we must understand that it is one of the population that consumes and spends the most. We can get to know them to the point of fulfilling all their needs, bearing in mind that they are multicultural and that every detail serves to become your allies when choosing a brand and making a purchase.

The Latino market is a complex and stratified segment; besides, this is composed of different nationalities, people are deeply rooted in their customs and their native language, creating a challenging consumer market.

Within the Latino market, we find different groups; some are the traditional ones that have only lived for a short period in the United States and only speak Spanish. The ones that have lived in the country longer and speak both languages, and others who spend most of their lives living in the United States and feel much more comfortable speaking only English.

Companies have had to renew their business lines by adapting to the Latino market so that there are no divides between brands and Latinos. It is crucial to make them feel comfortable when visiting the establishments and receive the attention they expect, something as simple as having a bilingual service for groups of people who have Spanish as their first language.

¿Cómo conquistar el mercado Latino en Estados Unidos?

We know how different brands in the United States have decided to renew their products, getting a high growth since it includes one of the largest populations in the country. It is a great way to increase sales by making these consumers feel included in different market scenarios.

You should also keep in mind the places with the most Latino market traffic to put such products or services in the specific cities where they usually buy and live.

Besides all of the factors mentioned above, it is also essential to build a relationship of trust between consumers and brands, always keep in mind the changes or renewals that they will make in their companies to strengthen the relationship.

If you don´t know how to start and want to see how your service or product can promote within the Latino community, contact us.


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Ten tips to attract followers to your company’s LinkedIn page

Ten tips

to attract followers to your company’s LinkedIn page

August 18, 2020

How to increase followers on your company’s LinkedIn page? Here we will show you ten essential tips you can apply to achieve more reach and visibility in your marketing strategy. Not without first clarifying some questions you may have about one of the fastest-growing social networks in recent years.

LinkedIn has over 575 million users, with 260 million active users.

This professional social network offers the possibility to make a great first impression, so it has several resources to optimize the quality of the page and increase business opportunities. The first thing is setting a good profile that includes these essential elements:

LinkedIn tiene más de 575 millones de usuarios, con más de 260 millones de usuarios activos.

After completing the profile, we can start taking our page to the next level to gain followers and expand the network of contacts.


  1. Share Value content and keywords: It is not enough to have a good profile, this must-have visibility. It is essential to examine the most relevant keywords by which you want your company to be found to position it in the search results.

  2. Post content regularly: Spend a few minutes each day reading updates, approving, commenting, and sharing, when users notice your interaction, they’ll start listening to what your company has to say.

  3. Share videos and visual content: Make sure to include a variety of images and videos related to topics of interest, depending on the nature of your business, that help to attract attention, do not hesitate to publish photos and videos of the latest events of your company.

  4. Respond to each comment: These contributions help increase visibility, and members will be more willing to follow a page that interacts with users.

  5. Share job offers on your page: It’s clear that LinkedIn is very popular for the job search; in fact, it’s the largest professional social network on the market so that you can open yourself up to new audiences.

  6. Take advantage of groups: This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships and contacts, the platform allows you to join up to 50 groups, so it is essential to be etrátegico and choose the ones that bring more significant benefits to your business. Also, groups help increase your leadership.

  7. Analyze metrics: LinkedIn has tools that allow page administrators to get data on followers, visits, interaction, growth, and reach, making it possible to do a very comprehensive analysis.

  8. Employees, the best partners: Your company’s team can be your brand’s best ambassador, with simple steps like including the link to the page in their profiles, or motivating them to interact and recommend.

  9. Include three to five relevant hashtags in your posts: Joining topics of interest through hashtags is a useful strategy to reach new communities by clicking on the hashtags panel to enter a profile and react.

  10.  Launch an advertising campaign: Growing the LinkedIn page is a common goal for brands. A great option is to run a Dynamic Ads campaign using the ad format to gain followers.

Extra Tip:

Spread your LinkedIn page on other Platforms: For example, on your website, blogs, emails, brochures.

Demonstrating your presence and leadership in this social network can increase your network of connections. Are you ready to take your LinkedIn page to the next level?


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The Latino Market in the United States Grows and Businesses Must Adapt to It

The Latino Market

in the United States grows and businesses must adapt to it

August 11, 2020

The Latino market in the United States, as the largest minority group, remains one of the market segments that has grown the most and will continue to grow in the country.

Companies have decided to restructure their businesses after finding that the Latino market in the United States has grown exponentially, so they have begun to study their behaviors, tastes, and preferences, also what is the most appropriate way to get their attention.

Because of different challenges, entrepreneurs have had to wonder how to communicate with the Latino market. Mainly in the way, they treat clients, which language should be used, which communication channel will be the most effective, and whether a different product should be displayed for each market, or may work the same.

El mercado latino en Estados Unidos aumenta y las empresas deben adaptarse a él

All these answers are obtained after conducting different studies with the Latino market in the United States, having an approach with that group of people and the target audience. However, companies have implemented managing the two languages within their business lines, knowing that a large number of people speak Spanish and some Spanish and English, achieving their advertising campaigns, websites, and advertisements.

Considering that Latinos in the United States spend most of their time connected to the internet, approximately 66% pay a lot of attention to all online ads surpassing the average; they also frequently use search engines to find out and make purchases.

It is of great importance to get the Latino market’s attention, as it is one of the most influential and essential in the country due to its levels of purchases. “The Hispanic population has contributed and will continue to contribute significantly over the next 10 to 20 years” by increasing its economic growth.

With the Latino market’s contribution to the United States being made by the most extensive and youngest minority, we must understand that it is an audience that needs the attention and care of big companies. Besides having them when making decisions and adapting to the requests of users, in this way, the Latino market will continue to contribute to the growth of the economy in the United States.


Are you ready to start a new route taking advantage of the great opportunities in the marketing strategy of your business?

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Latino Millennials: A growing market in the United States⁣

Latino Millennials:

A growing market in the United States⁣.

August 3, 2020

Breaking the Latino migrant stereotype and exceeding the rest of the minorities in this country, Latino millennials have become a growing audience in the US market. They are owners of a cultural duality that makes them have particular needs but with consumption habits adaptable to the environment in which they live. 

Also immersed in a digital world, these consumers prefer online shopping, they are willing to undertake; they are part of the first or second generation from Latin America and the Caribbean. They prefer to search in English; drink twice as much coffee in Starbucks that the rest of the Americans are a new engine in the real estate sector. In the words of Díaz-Asper in an interview for the BBC, they have the power to transform the country’s economy.

The market understands that young Latinos are a key part of the game.

Although the world is going through a unique situation due to the expansion of COVID-19 and the social dynamics have changed, we can continue to imagine some of the activities that the routine of a Latino millennial includes. This group listens to music on Spotify, asks for addresses for lunch, watches a series on Netflix, among many other consumption habits, to which this growing market is adapting.

15 million Latino millennials are representing 60% of Latinos in the United States.

Average age between 24 and 37 years old⁣.
They are mainly found in Florida, Texas, California, and New york.

According to Fortune magazine in Spanish, “Hispanic families earning more than 50,000 per year increased between 2009 and 2014 (13%). It still doesn’t compare to the $ 60,256 a year the ‘white working family’ earns on average; but contrary to President Donald Trump’s rhetoric, Latinos have proven to be hardworking and productive.” In other words, the purchasing level increases more and more; therefore, its market share.

We know that the Hispanic market is crucial for the growth of its population and its contribution to the economy and sets trends. They require new products and formats, which represents an opportunity for growth and diversification. The challenge is to understand and find the best way to communicate with this audience.

Such is the weight of the Hispanic market, that brands have had to change entire strategies towards a multicultural approach.

At CPC, connecting Latinos is what moves us.

Contact us for more info